Mount Rushmore National Memorial depicts the 150 years old American history that stands on the Black hills of the western region of South Dakota. It exhibits an excellent work of stone art made out of granite rock. The main attraction of this monument is the faces of America’s four most prestigious presidents. Starting from the left you will see the faces of honourable George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. Every year almost millions of people throughout the world visit this place to see fine work of sculpture made by various artists on granite stone.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial

History of Mount Rushmore

The idea behind this massive monument creation was seeded in the year 1923 when Doane Robinson proposed this plan just to boost up the tourism of the state by attracting the tourists through this magnificent work of sculptors on mountain. He also insisted that this massive sculpture must be built from granite cliff. When this plan was proposed, Gutzon Borglum who was the senator of the state chose only two famous presidents of United States George Washington and Abraham Lincoln but then with the number of discussions the entire eminent community decided that there must be at least two republicans and one democrat represented on that sculpture. Finally these four presidents were chosen to be sculptured on the Mount Rushmore.

Why granite cliff was used?

Granite is one of the most durable and hard natural stone that can easily tolerate high temperature and withstand on all weathering conditions. There were several reasons for choosing Mount Rushmore for this carving like availability of fine smooth grained granite that does not easily erode and is sturdy enough to support this massive sculpture. Moreover, the selected site was southeast facing that helped the sculpture artists to take advantage of sunlight for most of the day.

This national memorial is beautifully carved on the northwest edge of Harney Peak that is quite rich in Granite Batholiths in the Black Hills (South Dakota). This black hills region was exposed to erosion almost 1.5 billion years ago and before carving it went through several other erosion. This erosion and volcanic eruptions caused rock displacement and also introduced changes in the concentration of various chemical compounds like quartz, feldspar, silica, mica etc. These changes during Precambrian era had finally formed the granite rich black hills and 70 million years ago the Black Hills were uplifted where the work of National Memorial was initiated in 1927.

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